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Machines and Technology

Automatic Carpet Dust Remover

The size of dust and sand that cannot be seen with the naked eye is very large, the duster removes and sweeps dust and sand from the carpet to be free of dirt during washing so that soap and water do not mix with dust and sand

Automatic Carpet Washing Machine

With an abundant amount of soap and water, with the addition of a stain remover, and using nine large brushes, the stains are washed and removed from the carpet automatically, so that it appears as new, which has not been used before.

The amount of water used to wash one square meter of carpet is more than seven liters, which guarantees its purity from impurities.

Automatic Carpet Spin Dryer

Away from sunlight and for a period of no more than two minutes, the dryer removes the water from the carpet by 95% to make it dry and sterile.

Fans and Moisture Absorbers

The huge fans inside a tight room and specialized devices to absorb moisture and unpleasant odors from the carpets make the air constantly pass on the carpets to become completely dry.

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